Know the true market value before talking with any interested party.

Pharmacy Valuation

The pharmacy valuation process is an extremely valuable asset to the pharmacy owner. Whether you require a simple marketing analysis or a full appraisal, Pharmacy Consulting Broker Services will guide you in determining your true value before setting a price.

Know the true value before talking with any interested party.

Find what drives value

Identifying the strengths and weaknesses of your pharmacy allows the opportunity to solve problems before beginning the selling process.

Set a reasonable price

Values obtained by dollars per prescription, percent of revenue, multiple of earnings, etc., may be too high or too low. Without a legitimate pharmacy valuation, you will not know where to accurately price your pharmacy.

Minimize your risk

A true comprehensive pharmacy valuation will safeguard you and give you a documented defense against claims made by those attempting to devalue your pharmacy.

Top reasons for a pharmacy valuation:

  • Buying or selling a pharmacy
  • Determining market value
  • Financial health check of your pharmacy
  • Comparing your pharmacy to others nationally
  • Planning for retirement
  • Value pharmacy stock
  • Disputing an IRS audit
  • Estate planning
  • Goal setting
  • Junior partnership planning
  • Buying out a partner
  • Divorce
  • Bankruptcy

DO NOT disclose financial information before talking with us.

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